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Holiday in Denmark – what to visit or see when going to Denmark on vacation? Top 10 places – at least

Spending your holiday in Denmark

Are you planning a holiday in Denmark? A trip to the nice little country in the northern Europe? The country with the happiest people in the world and they got “hygge” (a special kind of cozy atmosphere). Denmark is also know for its coastline with nice beaches and summer residencies. But, when you finally decided you want to visit this small country what should you see and visit.

I’ve lived in Denmark my entire life, and I’ve gathered my top 10 over the most exciting places that you MUST visit. Moreover, I have tried to give some tips about where to stay in the immediate vicinity of these magnificent places.

Map of Denmark


What to see and where to go in Jutland?

When going on holiday in Denmark, the great peninsula of Jutland should be one of your destinations. I’ve made a list of my favorite places.


Should you go to the far north of Denmark? The short answer is YES. People always say that the light is amazing up at Grenen (the top of Denmark) – and they are absolutely right. You cannot imagine the sight until you actually stand there and witness either the sunset or sunrise. When you experience this you will truly get why this place is world renowned by creative people (artists) as one of the best places to get inspiration. When you stand at the top of Denmark, you’ll witness who the two seas The North Sea and Kattegat literally smashes together, and usually you’ll see seals popping up in the sea.

The city of Skagen is famous for its yellow houses and nice cozy atmosphere, although there are a lot of tourist in the summertime. However, Skagen should be on your top list.


List of hotels in Skagen. You should pick those close to the Harbour or the beach. Ruth’s Hotel is where I would stay if it is possible. Very close to the beach and terrific food. If you want to be closer to the centre of the town and the harbour front you should go for Hotel Sønderstrand. Very friendly staff and great food.

Attractions in Skagen

Visit the famous Skagen Museum with magnificent paintings from e.g. P.S Krøyer (Flowers in the garden). This is a must. Spend 2-3 hours (or more). Moreover, you should go to “Grenen” (the stick), as described above. Watch the sun set or rise… You will regret if you don’t. Here you may spend your mornings and evenings every day. The last thing I would recommend around Skagen is Raabjerg Mile (the desert of Denmark). It’s a huge sand dune that constantly moves norths. It is perfect for running around barefooted, kids playing, and just enjoying the warm sand on the feet. On its way north, it has overrun an old church, where only the tower (steeple) is above the sand. VERY beautiful and you may also come inside.


Legoland (amusement park)

Cold Hawaii (The best surfing place at the North Sea)

Vejle Fjord / Kellers Park  (Vejle / Kolding – Spa and recreational hotels Highly recommendable)

Moesgaard Museeum (Aarhus)

What to see and where to go on Seeland?

Roskilde Domkirke (Roskilde Cathedral)

Nyhavn (Copenhagen)

Strøget (Copenhagen)

Live music – Drop-inn (Copenhagen)

Hotel D’Angleterre (Copenhagen)

Amalienborg (Copenhagen)

Kronborg (Helsingør)

What to see and where to go on Fünen?

HCA hus (Odense)

Den fynske landsby (Odense) – Museum with several old farming villages/houses.


What to see and where to go on Bornholm?

Johan Bulow (candy store)

Keramik (pottery / ceramics)

Dueodde (Beach with the world’s finest sand)

Hammershus (An old fortress)


Not done yet?

I’m still working on my list, and I’ll will update it along the line, so that more stuff will be added. Feel free to ask me questions about anything, or let me know if there are things missing on my lists.


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