How to fix boot loop on Android Headunit (Carpad)


All of a sudden my Android Head Unit (Carpad 3 – Newsmy NR5261) stopped booting. Just displayed the “HIFI Car DVD system” logo and afterwards the Android logo… and the just hangs there…

Looking into the problem I found out that there might be ways of fixing this – obviously 🙂 There were different problems that could be wrong. Here my recommended way of troubleshooting the issue.


Solution 1

  • Press the ‘reset’ button for 15 sekunds. It’s beneath the RES cap on the left-hand side.  The unit will now reboot. If it was just a minor “error” it may be fixed now.

The above did not work in my case…  Next step!


Solution 2

  • Press the reset button again, and when the “Hifi Car DVD System” logo is on the screen then touch it with 5 fingers to get into recovery mode. If this works you may connect an USB pen with the firmware (downloaded from eg. ExclusiveCarAuto) to the USB socket and when you do the 5-finger-trick again it will start to reinstall the firmware.

It didn’t help me either. In my case I just got the “Resting Android” picture on the screen meaning a problem with the recovery boot loader.


Solution 3

  • The next step was to refresh the firmware. I believe it may be done on a Mac (which I use in my daily living but after searching and reading for hours about how to do it (really a lot of work it seems) I decided to use my wife Windows PC instead.
  • You’ll need the following files:
    • RockChip Batch Tool v1.8 (https://www.dropbox.com/s/g10cryku5lc1u5k/RKBatchTool-v1.8.rar?dl=1)
    • Driver assistant 4 (included in the Zip above).

boot loop flashing firmware android headunit rockusb rockchip driver assistant drivers

  • Start by running the Driver Assistant. Click the Uninstall Drivers first to uninstall any remaining drivers which may interfere with the correct installation.
  • Afterwards just click the Install Driver. That’s is!

For the next step you’ll also need the firmware file from your provider such as: XDA Developers, ExclusiveCarAuto or whoever makes the file for your device.

  • Open up the Batch Tool. If in Chinese you may click the button in the left-lower corner and select option 2. Then it’ll change to english. You may also change the “config.ini” file and just write “2” in the 4th line where it says “Selected=1”. Afterwards it’ll startup with English as the preferred language 🙂
  • Do the 5-finger reset tricks from above with the computer connected to the HeadUnit (Carpad 3 – Newsmy NR5261). Then it will show a green box in Connected unit

boot loop flashing firmware android headunit rockusb rockchip driver assistant drivers batch tool

  • Click the small dots in top-right corner and select your Firmware-file ending on .img. If the green box is visible then just click restore or upgrade. The batch tool will then flash the firmware onto the unit and checks it afterwards.
  • Then the unit reboots and you’re ready to go again


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Troubleshooting / FAQ

      • I had a problem with “Copy Data Fail” – it turned out that I just needed another version of the Batch Tool. Downloaded the above version 1.8 and then it worked.
      • If the unit is not recognised by the batch tool then open the “config.ini” file and find the “SUPPORTLOWUSB=” line. Fill in TRUE (see picture), save and then restart the Batch Tool.



I’ve made a few videos to illustrate my issues:


Stuck in boot loop


Entering recovery mode fails


The Copy Data Fail issue


Succesfull flashing of Custom ROM

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3 år siden

Hej Lars
Jeg har en Ownice C500 Head Unit Android, den er gået lidt istykker, når jeg starte op viser den billogp og android logo som den plejer i fuld skærm som den plejer, men når den kommer ind i android visen den skærm som vedhæftet foto, Jeg har prøvet at lave factory reset men den skriver “scan USB Error” jeg har haft usb stik ude og den skriver bare samme fejl, har du en god ide til hvad jeg mere kan prøve, for at få skærm tilbage til normal størrelse og vandret?

i ask about coronation cable
i ask about coronation cable
4 år siden


Lars Koch Hansen
6 år siden

I hope you’ll find the guide useful.

Noget på hjerte, så smid meget gerne en kommentar.x