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Tips and tricks: Nice to know when traveling to Denmark

Traveling to Denmark – tips and tricks

When going to Denmark on vacation (or holiday) there are often a lot of questions that pops up. Are people polite, do they speak english, german etc. ? What about cash-withdrawels and many other things. Therefore, I’ve tried to gather as much information about these types of questions as possible.


Do danish people understand english?

In Denmark all students learn english. From 1st grade (7 years old) all students starts to learn english in school. Therefore, you may very well count on that every person (below 65) speaks and understands english.


Tap water

Another questions whichs pops up when going to Denmark is about the drinking water (tapped water). In Denmark the quality of tap water is excellent. Several tests have been made and the tapped water is actually more clean / fresh that the mineral water that you buy in the stores. There are absolutely no need for buying water in stores. You may drinks the tap water everywhere in Denmark even in the public toilets etc. IF there for some reason are non-drinkable water in the tap it will be written on the sink etc. The pure tap water is definitely one of the finest things in Denmark 🙂


credits cards in denmark

Credit Cards and Cash

The danish stores are very digitalized, which means that all stores accept most credit cards. As a whole, there is no need for cash, however it is always nice to have some pocket money. MasterCard and VISA are excepted everywhere and American Express almost everywhere. There may be some kind of fee (small percentage on top). All banks in Denmark have ATM’s and you do no have to fear making a withdrawal. They are all a part of a larger network and the all charge the same for making the withdrawal.


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