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How to change the touchscreen or LCD on Newsmy Carpad 3 head-unit (HU)

Changing LCD / touchscreen – Do it yourself (DYI)

The problem with the touchscreen

A couple of months ago my touchscreen in my Newsmy Carpad 3 (NR/NU 5261) started acting a bit weird. Suddenly the volume was turned down, when my navigation was on. The radio switched stations, and when I was making calls sometimes the calls was terminated abruptly. It seemed as if the screen was clicking itself without warning.

After another month the lower part (about 1-2 cm (ca. 1 inch) did not react anymore.



With great support from ExclusivecarAuto I tried to reinstall the firmware, update the MCU etc but nothing helped. Then I got a replacement touchscreen. I could either try to do the repair myself or take it to a professional. I went for the first option.


Disassembling the touchscreen

It is not that hard. Just remember to take it slow, and remember (take pictures) where the different screws were mounted. Alle the flat wires/cables may be un-mounted by releasing the small black locking mechanism, and then the wire slides directly into the socket.

When you have unmounted the display/touchscreen, you remove the black tape that holds them together. Keep it for sticking it back together. I have made a lot of pictures, which should illustrate it nicely.


Tools needed

Small tool/screwdriver set / repair kit (torx etc. ). I bought a cheap one like this on eBay.



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5 år siden

What’s the model of lcd display? I would like to replacement lcd in my nu5261 and I need to buy it.

Noget på hjerte, så smid meget gerne en kommentar.x