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Discount when buying a Tesla model S, 3, X and Y


It is finally possible to get a discount on a new Tesla, even though it hasn’t been possible for several years. This applies to all models. As of writing, you can get a $500 discount on all models (S, 3, X, Y) when you buy a new car (including inventory cars). Read even more at here. When going from the US you’ll also get complimentary 3 months of Full-Self-Driving capabilities.

Danish version: Klik her for den danske artikel: Rabat på en ny Tesla – op til 7.000 kroner


UPDATE october 2023

Tesla recently lowered the discount to 250 dollars !


Discount on a new Tesla

The way to get a discount on a new Tesla is by using a referral code: If you order your new Tesla via my referral code, I will receive some free credits that I can use to charge at Tesla’s superchargers, and you will receive the aforementioned cash discount at the purchase. It’s a win/win for both of us. All you have to do is remember to order your Tesla via the link, and it runs automatically.

If you haven’t received the discount and have ordered, then call Tesla and get them to add my ID: lars99453. You can mention that you forgot it during the ordering. Alternatively, you can always cancel (with the 14-day right of withdrawal according to consumer law in Denmark) and then order again if they won’t add it. Depending on who you talk to, it can be a bit uphill to get it done after ordering, so it’s best to do it from the start. Some have mentioned that you cannot use the discount code if you cancel and order again unless you use a different email address when placing the order. So remember to use the discount link from the beginning 🙂


About Tesla

Tesla is a pioneer in electric cars and now also sustainable energy. The company, founded in 2003 by Elon Musk, has revolutionized the car industry with impressive electric cars, including the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y. Tesla’s vision of a future without harmful emissions has led them to create environmentally friendly, but also extremely innovative and high-performance cars.

The groundbreaking Autopilot feature and later the Full Self-Driving feature showcase the company’s focus on autonomous driving technology and digital innovation – unfortunately, FSD is not yet approved in the EU (but check out this video showing how far it has come in the USA as of August 2023). I am looking forward to it.


Tesla discount compared to other car brands

Before we had Tesla, we were always used to “haggling” over the price and negotiating extra equipment when sitting at the car dealer. With Tesla, you get all the equipment from the start, except for updates with EAD, FSD, and acceleration boost (the latter for the LR models). Therefore, Tesla has not previously given discounts, but now you can via my code: Link to Tesla discounts on model S, 3, X, and Y.



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Feel free to send me a message below or by email at info(a) if you have any doubts. I would be happy to guide a future Tesla owner the right way, and you’re also welcome to stop by (Kolding, Denmark) if you want to see a Y or 3 🙂

Learn more about the discount here on Tesla’s website



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$500 dollars discount when buying a Tesla
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As I pen this, there’s a delightful opportunity unfurling just for you – the chance to shave $500 off your brand spanking new Tesla! Yes, you heard it right, this offer holds for every Tesla marvel out there; be it the Model S, Model X, Model 3, or the chic Model Y.

To avail of this magnificent deal, all that you’ve got to do is click through using my referral link: Tesla Referral Link.

But worry not if you’ve jumped the gun and have already placed your order (as long as your automobile wonder hasn’t been delivered yet). Simply reach out to the incredible folks at Tesla through a call or a heartfelt note and offer them my Tesla ID: lars99453. Doing so not only grants you the sought-after cash discount but showers me with points in my Tesla account, paving the way for me to enjoy complimentary kWh on the superchargers.

It’s a bonanza where everyone walks away with a smile – a scenario where we both are winners, basking in the joy of savings and perks!

I would be over the moon if you could use the link when you are setting out to become a proud Tesla owner. A colossal THANK YOU in advance! Rev those engines and zoom into a future with extra savings and electrifying rides! Happy driving!

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  • $500 off
  • 3 months complimentary FSD

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